The answer is blowin’ in the wind

I could write again “ush what for a day today” but it would be boring for you reader. I mean, more boring than my usual texts, which is on the boundary to be extremly boring. So i won’t begin with that.

I thought too much of my motorbike yesterday because i dreamt of it this night. I was driving in the sun, withough any goal, just feeling how the kilometers were running. It felt good and i really want to ride soon, so weather, please, some more degrees and some more rain to clean the streets would be nice too.

I was in Uppsala today, drove pretty early this morning and i had no music with me. I wanted to avoid to think. Everything did go so fast. In one week, i quit my current job, put my flat on sale and found a new appartment in a very new town for me. This is what i call a move.

I feel it will be right. The few people i know there are cool and i will give myself a try and find new people too, make new friends, learn some new things and discover a new area. This is really exciting. The good part is that i will be moving there at the spring, which is maybe the best period of the year.

I did not want to think today because i may be afraid. I know what i am leaving and i really don’t know what i will get. Maybe i will regret this change in 10 or 20 years, who know. And i just don’t want to ask myself if it was a good idea or not now. How do you know if what you are doing is right? This time, i began the whole with a feeling and i took the final decision with an excel file, counting plus and minus, a voice telling for each criteria “Linköping, twelve points”. Everything just felt all right, but will it be?

And how do you know if you met the right one? The person you will spend the rest of your life with? I don’t tell that i did, since it seems like ages now that i am destinated to live single, but honestly, is there a voice telling you “pick him and stick with him?”. Or you have to make an excel file and count plus and minus? Or does it just have to feel quite ok and you test for a while? How did all these people living together for 60 years or so to know that it was just about to be together? It seems that everything fades so quick.

Ah, i am not a good company for tonight, mostly i think because i am dead tired, it was a long week, rich in emotions and i am very gratefull to Miss Life that it turned out as it did. I was a bad friend, pretty selfish these past days and i honestly hope that my friends will pardon me.

Ush, no more complain on here for tonight. Here you get the song of the day, an old memory of a travel in Atlanta, 1996.