i am you are me

After an quiet evening by myself, i offered my little self an almost 12 hours night and i feel good now. The past week has been full with nice meetings with people and i really needed some time for me alone.

I spent the reading the book igot from my father for my bday: “Le complexe de Dieu” which is a comic about god going to the psychologist. I laughed a lot during the reading and sometimes i felt a bit like the god in the book.

The preface is nice too:

“Je viens de rompre avec Dieu. Je ne l´aime plus. En amour, on est toujours deux. Un qui s´emmerde et un qui est malheureux. Depuis quelque temps, Dieu semblait très malheureux. Alors j´ai rompu”.

Chronique de la haine ordinaire, Pierre Desproges.

This is funny that with God. I decided to break up with him for 13 years ago. Not that i ever was very religious, but at this point, there was only two ways: he doesn’t exist or he is a sadist. I did not change my mind since then and still refuse a lot of things going around this. Well. Not the moment to write an article about religion this is only saturday morning for now ;)

I also read another book i got for my bday yesterday and it was “Mao et moi”. My dad has humor even if he has the same name as me ahah the drawings were really good and the story was one of a kid growing up in the cultural revolution in China. Well.I have some difficulties to project me in this area of the world, may it be now or for 30 years ago, so i have no comment on the book itself.


I have a big mission for this week end: i need to reply to everyone who sent bday cards to me. And they are quite a lot, so it will take my evening. The sun is also shining so hard on the fresh fallen snow, that it will also be the occasion to take a walk with my camera. To immortalize Eskilstuna’s beauty in winter. Or kind of. More that noone will care of my pictures than Eskilstuna’s beauty. Eskilstuna is actually fine in a lots of places, they put some energy to make it welcoming, so i will surely take a round in Munktell and so. We will see.

oho, just got a nice phonecall, life is cool with friends who care

First of all, i will try to sell my mountain bike in about 45 min. I hope the guy will buy it, a wonderfull mountain bike that had like 30 km ride in 4 years and always slept indoors and so. I have just been too lazy to ride. I have some kind of fears of bicycles since i broke my jawbone when i was little in a bicyle accident. I do prefer my motorbike. BTW, i received some nice post with “will you try the new BMW” and a new MC magazine, too bad it snowed yesterday because i would have been ready to freeze all my fingers and toes to take the first ride of the year.

There is another thing i also wonder if i will do it and this is the finish of my living room and hall painting from last year. When i was halv finished last year, i thought “will do it next week end” and it seems like “next week end” never came. Maybe it is time now, before that the MC season begins for real.

OK, for now i have to find back all the keys from the lockers i want to give away with the bike and meet this guy. Have a nice week end people around the world! I hope the sun will shine as strong for you as it does for me!