Spring on its way!



This was how it looked like this morning at 7 when i went to work. It snowed the whole morning and i was accused to sing wrong tones for this song:

I mean, it was not a point in the classes of swedish to learn this kind of songs, but i thought that it was totally appriopriated for today. Spring is on its way, at least in a administrative way.

I had a very funny evening yesterday and it is like a habbit now for me to drink champagne with good friends after work. I made it quite a lot recently and me likes :) My friend J and i also had an interesting “fight” about the food we would cook. We both had two different ideas but it was exactly the same ingredients in the recepies. Even if J bought the food, it was still at my place in France, so i decided ahha it worked out as a delicious salmon soup. Miam!

J also gave me my bday present and it was super über cool: he registred me for the Tjurruset, which is a 10 km cross crountry run in the area of Stockholm. http://www.tjurruset.se/start/index.cfm?Lan_ID=1 After you made this race, you just throw away your clothes. Look at this lady from last year, how she is fihting. This is very exciting.


I forced J to put the puzzle together with me but he resigned pretty early. I have to admit that it is not the most interesting part now. So we sang on old 90’s songs and talked a lot about everything. I like the imagination of J sometimes, he says things that no one had thought.

It was a little hard to get up this morning though, a litle hang over was following me some hours but dissapeared though. I am finally sitting on my soffa for the week end and believe me, i will take it easy. I think i have some thousand hours of sleep that are waiting for me and i will break my pillow tomorrow.

The song of the day is the most of the 90’s song, enjoy, this is anthology now: