How to cross a line

I did cross one on monday and it was not easy. Well, at first i thought it would be. I woke up pretty early, opened the gift from my parents, was nice! I already got all my closest people wishing me an happy birthday before 8 in the morning, driving to Linköping with 2 cool colleagues in the car. Arrived at the meeting, i received a croissant with 2 lights.


At the beginning of the meeting, all my colleagues just got up and sang for me, it was about to make me cry a little. After the whole meeting day, i got invited for a beer and then, i went to buy some champagne and spent a really nice evening, eating some delicious food – yeah, i now know a cute, smart and swedish man able to cook deliciously, too bad he is not interested in a relatioship ahaha- , talking about life and laughing a lot. I even got a very touching gift, the idea behind was really sweet. I could fall for less… The last thing i laughed about before to fall asleep was this video:

A lots of people thought of me on monday, my FB exploded with messages, i got plenty of sms and messages on my phone and even one video of a whole familly singing happy bday for me. When i came home tonight, i also discovered gifts that came with the post and a lots of cards. I need to reply to everyone, but before i make it for real, you got a little here: THANK YOU!!!!

It was super sunny in Linköping, wonderfull day on tuesday. I remembered me when i was a kid walking to school. If there is one thing i love doing, it’s walking/running early in a sunny morning. It feels like i have all the possibilities in the world to make something good of the day. I think i did yesterday.


I worked, even if i had a really beautiful hang over during the morning. Incredible, when you turn 29, be aware because you cannot share a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine with a friend without waking up miserably the day after with the impression that your whole body is fighting to stay alive. I tried to focus on the things i had to do but it was kind of hard. I really appreciated some help i got under the lunch, sometimes i just need one look, one word, one hug and hopla, the energy is almost back. Thank you J!

We took a walk after work in nice Linköping to fresh our minds and it was cold. The trees are about to make something really springy but the air was cold. We ate the best hamburgers from the town and went to anoter friend to watch Hockey.


The thing with hockey is that i am not really into it because i only saw one game before in my whole life. This was my second and if i udnerstood well, the guys had some prestige in that, one team really had to loose. This was also really funny to be with 2 handsome guys, strong, tall, smart cute and so, you know, like heaven on earth for a young singel lady and to drink …. tea. The both of them together are like an old married couple, everything is routine. They can have four simultaneous discussions about very different things (discussion number one about Ze computer to buy and discussion number 2 about the hockey game, discussion number 3 about if the tea is warm enough and discussion number 4 about the rules at hockey) and still knowing what they are talking about. I was feeling very good, taking cared of and cosy. But so uncoventionally calm, when you know which kind of awesome guy they both are, i know a loooots of girls who would kill for that!

The only thing was that i almost felt asleep there in the confortable chair. At the end, the “right” team made some goals, so it was more life in the appartment but really in the same confortable mood. We walked “home” and after a talk with my other J friend, i felt asleep pretty quick, as if i would have made some party the day before. Strange.

It was an early morning today and the friend hosting me had to leave the appartment long before me. It felt a bit strange to lock the door of a flat that is not mine. Like i was raping someone’s intimacy. This appartment is pretty cool located though, the sun just goes right in in it in the morning, if i had to move someday, i really have to look for this kind of situation, with windows to the east. The best would be bedroom windows looking right to the east. Or even better, a corner!

I went to work then, for a whole day meeting and it ended me arguing about a thing that i have been irritated of before. I really should have be quite there. It was not “my” meeting or so, but sometimes i just cannot hold me. I just knew some of the people in the group and i really wonder which kind of impression of me i gave them. I first walked into the room and shouted “good morning” and then, i said that i was in a pretty good mood and really looking forward this day -which i honestly was- and then, the day just went all good and i was using some knowledges i did not know i had. I did not use a lot of time to prepare myself for this meeting but it seemed like i just did the things that was exactly right to do, so i was really giving the best of myself and my ego just grew during the day. So if you need a reason more than “you just cannot be quiet” then you get this one: “i was feeling successfull” and you will understand why now maybe 10 people think that i have a peanut instead of the brain.

I made a note to myself too. I was pretty upset when i talked at the end of the meeting and while i was arguing, i was also thinking in myself “please my dear brain, don’t give out a word that doesn’t mean anything”. As if i was 2 in my head, one thinking and one talking and not really sure that the communication between the 2 was quick and right enough to give the right things out. Pretty scary.

We drove home directly after the meeting and i was really happy to pass my own door. Even if my flat is still Verdun 1917. Bleh, i hate that. Tomorrow, i got some visit, so i need to make something about this slum. But not today. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day and everything will be alright. I am a pretty satisfied girly tonight (if i may still be a girl with 29) so not much can destroy my thoughts. Ego tripped and grateful for all i just received from life.

I dunno why but the linking to youtube is shitty today, so you got the song of the day like an extern link. Sorry for that.

I like this song because more than to be seen and to se, life is also about expressing yourself. Whatever you do, so do it good!