Crossing the street

I should go to bed but i just got stucked on inet for tonight, listening to Lykke li (again, yeah, i know, i’m a periodic about music). As i wrote yesterday, i like her song “breaking it up”. Somehow, crossing a street or moving abroad are just two different ways to make a step in a direction. Both are hard. This is a dilemna: to change something but staying near what you know you have or taking a chance and make a bigger step, which can lead to a lots of things, good or less good. You don’t know. And even if you just cross the street, you don’t know what could happen either.

But for me, the problem is less important. I am a little bit like this girl in London, nobody is waiting for me to the other side or the street. Which so ever the step i will make in my life, it will always be with a lots of lovely people behind me, but noone on the other side. Maybe i just should see this girl as a hero and try to follow her proud steps?