This is the time at which i woke up this morning. I have a cold and some troubles to breathe. I had a pretty intense dream that reunited everything that happen in my life now. It was a lot o tell you. Since it was pretty early, i staid in bed and listened to Naturmorgon one hour and got up around 7.

I lso woke up with this song in the head:

“min inre resa har fastnat i loopen, nu skiter jag i alltihopa. Trelleborg, Travemünde, Stockholm, Skavsta, Silja line och bro över till Danmark, E4, E18 väg 13, E22, kom ta mig härifrån”


This pic was taken after a ride on E4 and the bridge over to Danmark and almost to Travemünde. Last summer. I don’t really know how this summer will be, sunny and joyfull for sure but i don’t know anything more. We will see.

I have plenty of little things to do today and it will happen under the effect of drugs. No maman, not the bad ones, only doliprane, C vitamine and so, in order to be fit on monday when i will be 29.

And i wonder today: what do Kyo nowadays? what are they up to?

I dunno how i came to remember their name, but i really hope they are well! Whaou, they even got a wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyo_(band)

well, it was not the song of the day, it was only a band name that came into my head and i wondered.

The song of the day may have some energy, so happyness, some africa for you today: