I gotta sunshine in a bag

This has been a long day. I have been working since 7h00 this morning, running all around at home first, to be sure i wouldn’t forgot things to France. My packing strategy has been developped: I put the bag i will take with me in the hall and when i think of something i will need, then i pack it and so far, it is good: my bag isn’t full at all!

I have been sitting in meetings the whole day and in between trying to reach people and make decisions and help other people and now i noticed i forgot one thing. Ah well, the world will not go under until i am back at work next friday.

I came home around 19h30 and had a nice chatt with my father on the phone. We planned a little bit the coming week and i apparently will go to Lyon and meet my parents there for a day.


I also got a real letter at home, from my nice fake grand mother. She was funny because she asked me how long i will stay in Paris next week and asked if i wanted to visit her. I did not think of that earlier, so i just called her and we planned a nice day together next week.

So at the end, me who thought that i would take it easy next week, i will be travelling as hell. As if i had to redo all what i missed during my xmas vacations. But this is good. I am flying on my little cloud and enjoy it.

This afternoon, i also had the visit of a colleague who is 65 years old i think. He is always the one who told me to take it easy, to take my time and enjoy life, because everything comes for the one who is patient. I came to a good expression in french btw: “je passe ma vie à attendre que ma vie passe”, which is boring. Anyway, we had a nice talk, full of wisedom and i loved it. Plus he gives the most wonderfull hugs in the whole office. He is quite tall, so when i takes me in his arms, which are quite long too, i feel like nothing can hit me, he protects me. Plus he hugs pretty hard, which seems each time that i may chocke, but i love this kind of hug.

Well, i also have another colleague that hugs pretty well. He is sitting in Uppsala and he is also tall when i think of it. Wait, another colleague of mine seems to be a good huger. But i did not taste that much his hugs, it just felt pretty good the few times he huged me. I kind of miss this french ritual of kissing each other on the cheeks every morning. I am not sure
that you do that at work, but i think i would do it with my closest colleagues.

And i have other colleagues that don’t hug at all.

For tonight, now that i finished the nutella (not good to go and buy food when you know that you won’t use your fridge for some days), i will brush my teeth and go to the cinema. This is filmclub day tonight, i hope the movie will be good because in all this chaos, i feel pretty tired!

The song od the day is an old one, classical for “feeling good” feeling: Enjoy!

Another feeling good song, that made me cry a river in june 2003 in Paris, when i just realized that i was moving abroad for a while to study in Germany. I had no idea though that it would

change my life that much! The only thing i knew somehow was that i was about to live something exceptional and i felt it in my stomach, like butterflies when you feel in love, i knew it would be magical and i cried because i was happy to give myself a chance to live a life. Back to the song: “it’s a new down, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and i’m feeling good”

Btw, i did not have the time to announce who won the 5 differences game. It will come later, with a price.