Help myself

Yeah, this is what life is about (after “to see and be seen”). To help myself throught everything you are living, the good and the bad. Of course, the good ones are easier to handle. It’s like open your arms and get it. For the bad ones, i noticed that we often want to turn them into a good. Well, everyone has a way to take care of that.

With the years, i realized that everything has not an answer. It is hard for me to stay quiet and to let it go when i need an answer. I don’t remember who sang “men härligt talat, det var skönt med dåligt svar, hela världen är så underbar, bara man får ett svar” (honestly spoken, it was good with a bad answer, the whole world is wonderful as long as you get an answer). But to learn to let it go is a good thing to do. Well. It is good to stand on your own legs, even if feed back are important to hear. Everybody needs borders.

I received pretty much feed back yesterday at work, and it was something that touched me. I also had a meeting during the evening with some customers and it went pretty well. We had a very good discussion and it feelt like i was over at some friends place and talking about the future together. We were like 35-40 people sitting around a big table, me talking about some plans we have and they were asking questions. At the end, one of them asked me if i was happy with the meeting and i even got a hug. I like very much this part of my job: talking with people about something pretty difficult to accept (who wants to have a road in his backyard?) and finding compromises though. I like them, my clients there in Uppland. :) The travel home was pretty long. I drove a colleague home and then fought with myself not to fall asleep while driving. I was also pretty happy to find my bed around midnight. Even if i love my customers, i also love my bed.

For now, i am trying to handle with a more practical thing which is to pack for the Paris expedition. I have (clean) clothes everywhere in my bedroom and i have to pick the best (for the purpose) to France. This is not an easy match.

My parents are fantastical but they are not very technological if i may say it so. They can send mail and stuff, but to get a file with a text, it is hard. I don’t understand neither why or how, but they send me links to youtube the other day with songs they apparently like and this was a good surprise for me.