I was recently descirbed as an intense people. Well, for the ones who know me, you may nodd and think “yes, we know you and you are intense”. Like the world is white or black and nothing in between. But in my older days, i am beginning to soft myself and try to find some greys in life. And actually, this is working pretty well. No, you don’t want to believe me i’m sure, so i give you a recent exampel:


I will try to run the half mara march 6th in Paris and i decided to take a white period (meaning no alcohol drinking) until then, in order to loose useless weight. The other evening, i had some nice compagny at home and we were planing to eat a 3-rates dinner. On the first place it was some foie gras.

How it could have been?

I could have open a little bottle of Sancerre and offered it to my friend while i was driking watter and halfenjoying the foie gras. I could then have presented a bottle of Pouilly fumé to my friend to continue the dinner (it was salmon then). I could also have jumped over the dessert (Mousse au chocolat) in order to skipp some useless calories.

How it was in reality?

We drank 2 bottles of delicious wine, had a very good dinner, ate like pigs and finished the whole thing with a glas of chartreuse. The result was that none of us had a hangover the day after, so grey was BEST!

Intense. Maybe. I don’t feel like i am. A friend of mine commented in a mail that i optimise my days with no eating and no sleep. Euh, this is not really true, i am actually a big sleeper, so all what i lost during the week, i took it back this week end with 2 nights and totally 25 hours sleep, inclusive the nap yesterday afternoon. And that with the food, last tuesday, i ate lunch in the car while i was talking on the phone and on the evening, i had a mc donald dinner. On wednesday, i had a nice hotel lunch and i jumped over dinner, which was a mistake i noticed afterwards. But it wouldn’t fit in my calender, so i had to choose.

I also got a comment telling me that i was spending more time in the shower than cleaning the floor of my flat. Well, this is not excatly wrong… I take nowadays long showers (this is one specifical place where i make my swedish perfect) and i don’t like very much cleaning the floor at home. I prefer the hoover. Yeah, i admit that if i can jump over cleaning the floor, i do it.
That’s why winters with that much snow as this year are not really cool. Well, i developped a technic in order to take my shoes off on the as little area as possible. It works quite OK, but not when I have guests: “please, can you force yourself to take off yoru shoes on this 20 cm2 area? thank you!”. I did not make it last thrusday, i was nicer. But i did not clean the floor afterwards either. This is BORING. That’s maybe why people think i am intense: it seems i make a lot of things, but i actually just jump over the ones i don’t see any benefits in doing them.

Well, for now, i’ve got to abdicate. I have F******* Laundry to do. To illustrate my pain, here, you got a pic:


This will kill my evening. I just HATE laundry. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!!

“Moving your lips as you do so if necessary”

That’s why i think laundry is so boring: because i don’t do it fun! I always forget to move my lips while reading the detergent package ahahah Americans, you are funny!

OK, i will tell you later how it went.