Midsommar 2010

My friend did not just brought me his nice company, but even pictures from last midsummer, that we spent together. It was wonderfull. Enjoy! All the pictures below belong to my friend, but thank you for letting me publish them. You will get some food in return from me.

this was the little cabin we rent for the night. Really calm, and some nice visit from young people celebrating Midsummer too and driving old volvos. There was also an old couple from neederland. They were almost not talking to each other, only reading and sitting close to ech other. It was beautiful to see: when you have lived enough long together, then you don’t need to talk anymore.


This was also the first night outside for my love. It went all very good.


The landscape was wonderfull.


The day after, we drove to Ängelholm and had dinner on the main place there, with a nice troubadour playing music. He was himself very funny to listen to. I have good memories of this midsummer. Thank you J!