Compliments and change for a flight

I am finally home after a loooong day (hum, it seems i already wrote this on here someday??). I had a pretty rich and good day today. I had the flow like. Everything i did was motivating me in some way, i dunno why, even the boring things like tank the car with gas or finding a parking in the centrum of Uppsala, which is the most horrible city in the whole world to drive in.

So i drove to Ze little city at Ze sea (Not Uppsala for the one unfamiliar with swedish geografy) to make the first presentation. It went pretty well, i even got a lots of compliments when i was finished and it is really cool to get, i tell you!
Like you work your ass off and someone in the world is notifying it. The compliment was about my engagement in things i do and about the moral i have. These 2 things are closed to my heart and i appreciate a lot that someone noticed it. It feels like i just went across a big ocean and have more courage to row through another one. It feels like everything i did was just right and i just have to keep on believing in myself and go on. I am the best in my own life – too sad that other don’t think that i am the best in theirs- and i am the only one able to make things happen for me, so just believe in myself and drive hard. This is how i felt after the compliment. This doesn’t help to suffocate (maybe not the right word but i found it cool for that) my ego, but shit on that. A long as i don’t disturb anyone with it, then, i keep on walking. Well. This was the egoistical post for the day. More will come later.


After this first meeting, we went to eat in a little, very little pizzeria and i ate the best pizza evaaar. Which is good to know if i am going to eat there quite a lot in the 9 coming years. Citronen, if you are reading this, this is good for you too. Cheap, a lot of choice and very sympathetic people there. What do you want more? There was also a lot of men eating alone, i had
company but was so happy after this good meeting that i was about to ask everyone eating alone to join us. For the one who don’t know, this is NOT something you do in Sweden. I should have done it when i think of it now. What could have happened? that people went a bit happier? I said the cook that his food was very good and he got all red.

This afternoon was also the moment for a successfull meeting and i also got credit for something i made like 1 year ago or so. Once again a thing i believe in and that is a bit different from the usual way of doing and for which i did not receive much impressions either good or bad until today. We worked hard and it was really positive. Sometimes, when i realize that i am right now planning for the 9 coming years, i am getting all scared. Yeah people, i know which kind of jobs i will do on this project in june 2017. Totally crazy. But cool at the same time.

In the car, i listened to the radio and it was cool to settle down a little. It is a little scary to drive right now in Sweden me thinks. Like you see nothing and just drive as you think it is OK. I really have troubles to see in the dark, well who don’t have? Nyktalopi is just the property of cats and i don’t like cats, so maybe everything is logical?

Driving car like that is also an occasion to think. Today, i had some personal things in the head, which made the travel kind of black (more than it was night) but I had some nice phone calls too so it helped to think to something else. I worked some hours then at the office, this was a pretty full day.

I had to make something boring though. I had to rebook my flight from Paris after the half marathon inmarch because i will have a very important meeting on the day i was supposed to fly back No idea if the work will pay these 900 kr extra, but it felt like i really have to be there, even if i cannot walk (2 days after the run), i have at least to try to defend my ideas! The question is: am i so irremplacable? surely not but i made this choice. We will see what says the boss.

Another pretty cool thing was that a lot of people texted me or called me to ask me if there was some after work on thursday. This helps to get on moving, i mean, always nice to have something to look forward.

I heard the song of the day at the radio in the car and this is a GOOD one because it was not brokenplaid yet (the CD is not even out in Sweden) so listen to it before it’s too late: (if your neighbourgs are sensitive to bass sounds, then chnge your balance before to play it loud, tips från coachen)