It is not a curse, no no no. It has a lots of good points to live alone. For example, you can give the priority to the things YOU want. I decided to put the energy on things i like and let my flat “live by itself” or nearly. This can be translated with for exampel, my bag for xmas vacations still waiting to be taking care of, clothes being everywhere, specially in my bed room. I just worry about the disches and don’t believe that it is so because i am maniac, no. It is just because i don’t have so many dishes that i need to clean them up everytime i cook or eat.

But today, i’ve got a problem. I went in my living room while it was still light from outside coming in and sat down to puzzle a little. I noticed that i DO HAVE to hoove. But i mean, my puzzle is far to be put together yet, so the hoover is definitivly a risk for it. I think i have to work more on mental training, like focus on things that matter. For now it s “put your puzzle together since there is light coming in” and not “look around and judge if your flat is super dirty or just dirty, this is the job of the social services”.

OK, i think i will sit with the puzzle a little and see later for the rest. There is plenty of time later too, or?