Summertime bis

When i was surfing a little, i noticed that i switched quite quick the whole summer i got and tonight, since i am looking to the pictures, i may share some of them with you and tell you what i was doing, if now you’re interested in that.

I met a lot of people for the first, principally old friends and familly i haven’t seen in decades and even today, when i think of these meetings, i am all happy. Time spent with people you like has no price.

When i drove down, i put my motorbike on the train between Hamburg and Lörrach, it took a night to travel down and i met a lot of funny people in the train too there. It was kind of an adventure, first to find the station in Hamburg. I hade driven from Sweden during the day and there, the weather was fresh, so i still have long armed tee shirt and in Hmaburg it was like  35 degrees, sp very hot. The maps i had printed before my travel was not good enough to find the station, or well, not exactly actually. I just thought i would be able to stop somewhere and change map and then drive further, but i was engaged in some kind of motorway into the town that did not let me stop as i wanted, so i had to find my direction with my nose and i think i saw some things that little girls don’t have to see.

To put the bike on the train was very funny too. I think there was some Harley Davidson meeting in Hamburg the day before, so a looooot of bikers were waiting for the train too.


It was also really impressive to drive along the whole train on this special wagon, even i was too tall and good to have a helmet, i tell you!!


The night in the train was special because i met some really interesting people. Actually, this is oftne the case: people going on vacations are often happy to talk and it was the end of june, everyone was going somewhere warm and leaving their everyday. In my compartiment, there was a german couple, they were about 70 years old i think, that were about to make camping car vacations in France. They were happy like two little kids and fun to talk with. A dannish guy around the 50’s was also with us and begann the trip with sharing like 3 kg cherry with us. He was going to his summer house in the south of France and was very used to take this train. There was also a swiss guy around 30 years old  who did something funny: he drove from Schwitzerland to North cape with a 2 chevaux (not this one below, this is just an illustration) and his profession was cello player so he could sometimes have a long free time and this time, he decided to make this crazy trip, all alone, but grew tired of driving his car when he came to Hamburg. But respect, he already drove a lot!

We talked all night long i think and a magical moment was when i discovered that the moon was red, so the five of us put our heads outside the train, enjoid the wind and the look at the red moon. This is a very strong memory for me now.

The waking up was kind of nice since we got a big breakfast (all inclusive!!) and then, i drove to my little sister place for a second breakfast, so this day, that was a tuesday if i remember well, was not a day i was hungry.