Les authentiques de Vienne

I was at one festival this summer with my sister, in Vienne, a little town in France, where there is a big gallo-roman site. The
whole city is built on the rocks and there is a big amphiteather there. It was for the occasion used for the festival and we arrived quite at the beginning of the playing day, meaning around 18 or so. It was pretty empty then.


Our mother, who already had been there for some other concerts, told us to take pillows with us. But you know,  we said “yes yes” and thought “euh, no way, we will not look ridiculous there coming with pillows under our arms and sitting like grand mas!“. Later that night, i remember that my sister and i talked about that and admitted in a silent pact to say that she was right. The sits were not were confortable: stones and stones and stones!


We had the joy to listen to 6 or 7 bands if i remember well, some good (General elektriks, DJ shadow…) and others bad and then i cannot tell you the name because i deleted this information. The space got filled during the night and it was a very sympathetic mood there. And a looooot of people too!