Slow as if you lived it

I was youtubing a little to get some inspiration for the puzzle music for tonight and i found a magical song, the one with memory, a real SLOW!

You remember the slow you danced when you were young? At least, we used to when i was like 10-15, at every party, it should have been some Bryan Adams and stuff and it was all about picking up the guy that you liked the most (well, the left-overs when the prettiest girls did choose) and dance tight, the arms around his neck, close you eyes, smell his cheap perfume (Brut, Fabergé was pretty in in the 90’s in France) and try not to hear his joke he was talking to the other guys dancing around. Boys seemed never to like the slows. What they liked, it was Hadaway or Culture

Yeah, remember… And they would try to make some break dance, land miserably on the floor and shaming. Plus they tried to sing to. Can you guess how a 13 years old boy sounds when he doesn’t know any word of english? Well, i couldn’t better anyway. On M.Vain, i think i just got “i nananan now! i want you annanana!” so it didn’t sound better.

Anyway, back to our slow!

For not so long ago (read like a month, i am not that deseperated!), i got to dance a slow like in the 90’s, with a guy who may have danced slows in the 90’s too. He was pretty good at that and the nice point was that i got the guy i found the cutest in the room. Read: no prettiest girl choosing before me or at least not this one. So We went to the dance floor and i put my arms around his neck and i felt like i was 13 again. He was smelling good (no brut, i don’t know actually what was his perfume), i was pretending not understanding the lyrics, he was dancing good with the beats avoiding my feet and he was not saying silly jokes to the other boys dancing around. Well, ok, we were maybe 4 couples dancing there, but it felt like in heaven during 4 minutes.

So close your eyes, if you got someone in the room, take his/her hand and dance on that as if you were a teenager: