Sport and laughs

It has been a really activ week end for me. Everything began on friday evening with a good night of sleep, trying to be fit and mentally prepare me for the saturday.

Saturday morning, i ran the E18-loppet, and managed to make it in 59 mn (for 11 km). It was a nice feeling to run on a non-yet open motorway. Not really the same energy from the runners in the tunnels than on the broloppet but nice though. The last meters were also a bign pain, but i did it.

I took my way to Dalarna for a crayfish party yesterday and it was really funny. It was a really nice place we staid at, a summerhouse from a friend and lovely to sit outside still in september.

I woke up feeling disturbed in my legs and body, but with an head quite OK. This is very nice to discover new people and to feel that, yeah, there is something there.