My life is complete

… at least almost!

I had a stressing day at work today but i achieved a lot and it was a good feeling to leave work tonight, even if i took some home work with me. I met a friend later and went to a classical concert (violin and piano) with the theme “spring”. It was a very good moment, a good transition for this long week-end.

Then, i came home and got kind of a loooot of calls. Nice! :)

A colleague called me and suggested to help me: it is actually so that my dear love had a empty stomach and it would have
been difficult to ride to the next gasstation. Oh and i forgot to say that another colleague got me the recipient this morning! Anyway, we drove, bought some 6L gas and hop, i gave it to my litle ER5. Perfect start, it feels really good that snow is dissapearing from the streets!

I did not want to plan anything this week end, but it seems like it is going to be an activ week end, with some running tomorrow morning as beginning. I have a feeling, that this week end is gonna be a good week end!

Last year, i was skiing in the Alps for eastern. This year, i save some money for my spring projects.

Well, save some money… I forgot to tell that i went by the Kulturbutiken tonight and found 6 books. This was not cheap but i wanted them all! I’ll tell how they were when i will have read them.

OK, time to go to bed and read, and sleep enough to enjoy the rest of the week end.

Have fun you too!