Step 2

Make up a plan.

I worked on that today and surprisingly enough, I found some ideas.

I also sent my application to get the Swedish nationality. Not really sure if it will work, I am not 100% about the way to count the time and i guess that the first year i lived in Sweden will not count. Well, I tried anyway. There is like 6 months waiting to know the answer, so  maybe sometime around Midsummer i will learn how it went.

I worked on my puzzle tonight too, but the grey scale is really Ze devil. It is hard to distinguish the colors and the prints so i am more making the puzzle like “touching-wise” and looking with dichotomy if pieces are fitting together. When you know that i just made the borders and that there are around 900 resting pieces, it can be a long winter, doesn’t matter ahah

Pic of the day: