Oh well, i just LOVE Berlin. For real. I spent the week end there and it was magical.

It first began with some questions, actually only one: will the travel be ok? It was all snowy in Sweden and in Europe and the day before, it had been some panic with cancelled fligths everywhere. I should meet a friend from Paris in Berlin, and it was more unsure for her to fly, but it went well at the end. The loading helped maybe.


When i arrived in Berlin, I was 40 minutes there before my friend, so in order to gain some time, i decided to get and pick up some euros. But it did not go that well… I gave for the third time the wrong pine and my card got blocked. Luckily the machine did not eat it and i had another card with me for which i remembered the code, but the evening in Berlin began with a big laugh at myself.

Then, I decided to go and buy some Transporttickets for us and had to talk german for the first time since this summer. It was not very simple and I am pretty sure that we did not pay what we had to pay on saturday and sunday. But we just got controll on monday, so it was ok.

When my friend arrived, we drove to the hostel and it was a very cheap and good one, the helter Shelter, i can recommand it, people are really easy going, the room pretty ok and it costs 22 euros the night with breakfast if you stay in double room. It is also super good located: oranientorg, in the Mitte, very closed to a lot the historical places. We went out in a pub to eat our first german meal, and it began of course with some berliner pilsner.


On saturday, after a freezing shower, we took a long walk to Alexanderplatz first. And of course, on our way there, we had to drink a glühwein. Actually, it was the best thing that happened to us at this moment: cold windy but super sunny weather.


We walked up Unter den Linden and i had to make a snowangel. Yes, the first of this winter, pretty funny when people are all around, asking themselves what this crazy girl is doing on the floor moving her arms and legs.


we arrived at the branderburger tor exactly for the sunset, wunderfull light, that is not shown on the pic, but it was very beautiful. we of course made a stop on our way in café Einstein and i took a warm chocolat with cointreau in. IT was good. And some cheese cake like my grand mother used to bake. It reminded me last summer too, when my cousin did bake one of these for my visit at her place. There are some things that irremediably brings to memories.


We did turn to the left and visit the memorial with all these virtual graves. Very impressiv to walk in there. There was an old man walking through the blocks and he was just beautiful, tall, with a black coat, really white hair and looking mysterious, it was kind of interesting to try to guess what he had been through in his life, why he was coming and visiting this place with so much seriousness.

We walked then to the Reichstag and i got a little dissapointed. We had to register in order to go in and no one of us knew it before, so we had to admire the building from the outside. I remember i was there like in 2004 and even if i loved the walk to the top of the dome, i did not enjoy as i should have. On saturday, it was really cold, so we decided to take the tube to the
Hamburgger bahnhof, a museum with modern art.

Modern art is something hard to get for me. We came in a big hall, with like 15 rendears, some birds in cage, a bed elevated in the middle of the hall and bid champignons a little everywhere. Oh, i forgote the mice being on the sides, in white and black boxes. If you are rich, you may hire the bed for a night, but then, you have to drink rendears urin, but the cherry on the cake will be that you become immortal! yes! the rest of the gallery was both good, both special. we finished the visit with some Wharol and when i will be really rich, i will buy his big Mao painting and put in above my bed. Na!

We went home to get ready for the party. We planned to go in a really nice and german place and then out to the Week end, one famous club in Berlin, but we ended the night in the closed restaurant, driking drinks with the bar tenders and enjoying very nice music.


We woke up on sunday with a huge hangover. I still wonder why. And it wasn’t any week end for us, but we had our part of fun though. after a pretty slow breakfast at the hostel (with a lot of nutella of course!!), we took the direction to Zoologischen Garten and visited the museum Story of Berlin. If you plan to go there, take your time, it is a very good museum, with a lof of explanations from Germany and Berlin from 1300 or so to nowadays. It is also a nice museum for kids because it is so well done. We hade unfortunatly some difficulties to focus in there, especially me, who was dreaming of a bottle of coke after the 5 first minutes in there.


After the Story of Berlin, we visited the museum of photography, a collection from the Helmut Newton fondation, mainly showing his work, some of his stuffs and some pics of her wife Alice. His speciallity was portraits for Vogue and i think he was kind of a pervers taking so much pictures of naked modells. It was interesting to read some letters her wife received when he died. Some people are really good to write feelings down.

On sunday evening, we weren’t really on a party mood but we found a really pretty restaurant to eat our now traditionnaly german meal. For me it was Flammenküche, with a lot of memories from my childhood.


The cute Jack Johnson was even singing for us on this sunday evening…

We went to bed pretty early on sunday because we 1) were super dead and 2) wanted to enjoyour whole monday walking down the east block. We took first a walk in a house we missed on saturday, right behind our hostels. This is a little like Christina in Copenhague, an old building that should hve been shut down, but the authorities took too much time, so some artists came and now live there. Strange mood.


we walked then to the east and went through some nice Höfe, like internal gardens or how do you describe it, and i particulary loved this painting of colorful books. It was closed, shame because i would have bought some ithink.


When you are in the corner of Alexanderplatz, the only thing you see when you look around is the Fernseheturm, erected like you know what and showing how once in a time socialism was big.You got approx the same feeling while walking along the Karl Max Allee. I was searching for some red buildings i thought i remembered from my last time there but que neni!

An interessant thought we had was that playing “like a bridge over trouble water” in the public toiletts is quite impressiv. Yeah, it’s like that at Alex’!


While walking through East side gallery, i had of course a song in the head and it was this wonderful song from Wir sind helden. This keept to haunt me, this idea that for like 20 years ago, it was almost war here, at least mental war. It’s nor old or far away, it’s something that people in my age remember, even i remember watching TV when the wall felt.


Hol den Vorschlaghammer
Sie haben uns ein Denkmal gebaut
und jeder Vollidiot weiß
dass das die Liebe versaut
Ich werd die schlechtesten Sprayer
dieser Stadt engagieren
Die sollen Nachts noch die Trümmer
mit Parolen beschmieren


after the walk along the east side gallery, we found Morgenland in Kreuzberg and ate a nice lunch there, with the last beer for the day. Well, it is not very good thinking of my weight to drink more than one on a normal week day.

We walked our way “home” through Kreuzberg and Check point Charlie. Of course, I had to sing this only french song
the whole time and it was really hard to take it off my head… I did not know by the way that it was Mort Schuman who sang this. And i guess that Jane Birkin is singing the chorus as well.

Check point charlie is pretty overturisted. People are shouting, behaving like tourists and it is annoying in a way. Well, i was tourist as well, but anyway.


Then, it was a really nice building to see, inside the Galleries Lafayettes: an inverse pyramidein a way, really beautiful to see all the mirrors.

We slowly walked to the hostel, picked up our bags and took the direction from Tegel. We managed really good with all the transportation, even I until my door in Eskilstuna. It was a bit lonely though to wait for the plane and travel alone when i just spent one of the best week end of this year. Above all it was a wonderful week end with a very good friend and i
can live a long time only by remembering all the laugsh we had. Thank you P, you are a great girl!