Back from vacations

the 16 last days were spent a litle very where, the nights too and i managed to meet i dunno how many people but really a lot, which loaded all my batteries for this summer in Sweden.

In order i went to:

  • Stockholm
  • München
  • Lyon
  • Olouise
  • Strasbourg
  • Jokgrim
  • Baden Baden
  • Karlsruhe
  • Stuttgart
  • Saint-Dié
  • La Bourgonce
  • Sauceray
  • Olouise (again!)
  • Romans sur Isère
  • Valence
  • Chatte
  • Romans (again!)
  • Grenoble
  • Saint-Martin d´Hères
  • Combloux
  • Morzine
  • Sallanches
  • Lyon
  • Frankfurt
  • Stockholm

It was only the stop in Frankfurt which was not social. I slept in about as many different beds and soffas but my body did not complain. I got a big cold at Chatte, prolly because i wasnt dressed enough. But the wedding was super funny.

The only thing that is not very cool was the weather. Rain rain rain, all the time, maybe only to make Rihanna sing “under my umbrella” (what do you think Toto? )

In Germany, i met my good friends plus a litle baby, born in february. This was kind of cruel because sometimes, i would like to have one too but it seems that it was just with Marie that it worked alone ahaha anyway, the litle baby is very cute and i am totally in love.

I had the privilege to drive Dads car and if in France i staid calm, it was not the same thing on the A8 to Stuttgart. But i mean, you did not even realized a shit that you already are at 180 km/h. The feeling of being invicible, unbreakable and all…

Saint-Dié is the town where i went to school and stuff and i wasn’t there since 2000 i think. It was funny to drive everywhere
there and to recognize this city and all the memories that go with. I went there to the discshop and as for ten years ago, i asked the guy (always the same) about advice and bought a new CD (Charlie Winston kind of good). I also bought a pain au chocolat wher ei used to make it and went into the schools there. They took away the riding school, instead, there is a big hole full with grass. Horses would have been happy there. The TGV is driving until the train station there and the blue line is still there. Was kind of emotional.

I was at a friends wedding in the middle of the vacations and it was a really cool party. But same “why not me?” but anyway, party can be done without wedding too!

With some friends who studied with me, we went to Grenoble and visited our roots there. The building where i lived is still there, unchanged but the tramway drives in this big avenue now. They made is all green with grass between the tracks and there is as much cars as there was before.

We went to our old school too, wanted to visit the director but nobody answered. We met some students currently studying there and i felt oh so old! it was for 5 years ago now that i graduated and all what i learnt there seems now so far away somehow.

I had my running things with, so i went to run 3 times. In Olouise, it was totally OK. There was yellow fields everywhere, very nice landscapes.

But running in Combloux, my god! It is not really the same thing to run 20 min in the Alps and 20 min in Etuna! Poor ass!

I ate a lot, drank a lot too, honestly, i am 4 kilos heavier now. in 16 days. Yeah for running!! o/