to make a speach

today, i got a distinction at work for something that i did last year. I knew that and had to prepare a litle speach about “how it is to work with unusual methods”.

So we were all the people from work sitting in a bir aura, the points from the meeting came, and i was for the second one. I did write some words on a paper before because i was not sure to remember all the important things i had to say and did not want to miss this chance to express myself.

So, when the time came, the director introduced myself, making quite a big eloge and really giving me a bed of roses. I don’t use to get nervous but i swear, when my turn came to speak, i was all touched. I was at this moment really happy to have my litle papper, so i did not forget to thank 3 people that always got forgotten, to say that i am nobody to tell people how to work, that one has to believe in himself and wants to have fun at work. I mean, this is what is making me going at work with pleasure every morning: i know that it will be fun, different from yesterday and tomorrow and that i will meet and work and act with a lot of different people, that you know are behind you if shits are happening.

I really hope people understood my message. It was an ode to all the help that I ve been given since i began to work there. An integration price: in this company, everything which is different is normal!

and of course, thank you Mum and Dad, without you, I wouldn’t even be here!