M. Vain and a cig

The other night, we had a nice dinner with some girlfriends of mine. 6 girls between 25 and 30, all singel, decided to go out and rock the town.

The way to the out places took some time, but laughs and jokes were with us. We came to TEH out-places street, a lot of people everywhere, a really warm night with a sun not willing to go to bed.
Nice mood!

After some discussions, we decided to go into one disco place. Four different dance floors: one bof, one bad, one really bad and one playing Mister Vain. We, the 6 girlies, just ran there and danced all exited on “i know what i want and i want it now, i want you coz i´m mister Vain“. Just direct after this, we shouted on “no no, no no no no no no no no no no there is no limiiiiiiiiiiit“. This is at this moment that i looked around me and we were the 6 girls alone on the dance floor. Where were all the people?!

People smoked outside and enjoid the night. I went out too, asked a girl for a cig and had a litle talk with her while smoking. Suddently, i understood why we were alone on the dance floor earlier: she was born 90. The rest of her compan may also have been only 3 years old when i was in camp in Jura with the school, listening to Culture Beat and 2Unlimited and kissing a boy for the first time with the tongue. Shit what i felt old!

While i was high from nicotine, i thought of this poor girl and tried to compare ur lifes. The biggest advantage that i have on her is that i grew up in a world without mobile phon I owned my first mobile phone when i was 20, 2002. Before that, all the contacts with human beings was taken through a real phone, with a cabel and the risk that the parents would answer the phone. But it meant something when one had the force to call someone. It was a big decision. Now, with the miracle of the technology,the contacts between human beings are reduced to texts, maybe phone calls but everything done with a large facility. How many people do nowadays know the telephonnumber of their friends, love or so? I am the first one to look in
my telephon directory and find them there! This is a huge difference now. And in a way, i hate that. I hate that because it is absolutely too easy to take the phone while-happy-because-of-some-brevages and to annoy people. What does it take to forget this kind of mistakes? I just hate this.

Note: the DJ in this bar was easly 55 years old. ahha