b-day gift

since it is soon my bday, my attentionated parents and sister sent me a packet. i got the letter today at home telling me: “something from France is waiting for you at the post office”.

So me, really happy, i went at the post office to pick it up.

I came there, waited a litle while in the queue, with a smile on my lips happy to receive something. There was quite a lot of people waiting after me too. My turn came and i gave my paper, the girl went in the “behind shop” to hold my packet and when she still was 4 meters away from me, i already knew what it was.

So, ok, i tried not to explode of laugh, stay serious but i never saw some posts girls check my ID-card so fast. and people behind me were quite embarrassed too.

I went home back, and oh shit, i hate to do this (open a bday gift too early) but i really HAD to:

today, i received via mail a french camembert which travelled out of the fridge since one week. Now, it can walk all alone.