This is an irish movie that is a lot of fun to watch. The underlying theme seems to be the changes in the Irish society brought upon by the global economy. Most of the things this globalization brings is good for a certain section of the population, mainly the moneyed classes, but nothing for those that have to take menial jobs because they have nothing to contribute, or are in the margins of that society, or are rebelling against the changes.

The characters in John Crowley‘s film are not the new privilege class being created by the advent of new business and technology, but those that are still struggling with a daily existence, trying hard to make ends meet, but not succeeding at it.

The opening scene with the magnificent Colin Farrell is something not to be believed. It comes so fast that we almost don’t have time to register what has occurred.

The acting is superb. BesidesColin Farrell, Shirley Henderson, as the spooky Sally, the little “grey riding hood” with a mustache, is hilarious. Also Colm Meaney, who is always good in every thing he does. He is an honest actor who lets us know who he is in every role he plays. As the detective Jerry Lynch, he is one of the best things in the film. Equally excellent are Cillian Murphy and Kelly MacDonald.