Töf töf Göteborg

I went yesterday to Göteborg to realize the goal of my vacations-year: write the Toefl. For this, I had to go to Göteborg and it was a cool trip.

I went friday evening and the 15 minutes that the train was late made me freeze…. but ok, i meant, it will be ok, i will warm me in my reserved place in the train, it will be very ok. buuuuuut no place… I found one between 2 wagons.. but this trip seemed so short to mee: just 3 hours and the last i did was 3 nigths and 1 day, so i accepted it very good.

Then, I arrived in Göteborg, litlle visit with the tramway to the vandrarhem. there, it was funny: it shared a kitchen, 3 bathrooms with 2 old lonely guys (but i had my own room) they were funny to look at.

The morning, a big breakfast to be ready for the töf töf and then, direction the museum of national history. There, it was also a bit strange: in the examroom, you could sit where you wanted and with a bit experience you could cheat also very easely. and what was the more surprising: you could go out when you wanted during the test!

The test , I don´t think i will make a good impression. it began with an essay: “do you think that teachers should be paid according to what the students learn?” hum… first i didn´t know i had to write something and then, this kind of topic pisses me off. but ok, i wrote a page, in my best handwritten and we will see…

At 1, the test was finished, i had the whole afternoon to look the city.

a part of the frozen sea (?) in Göteborg

it was not a so nice weather but i enjoyed: a real city!!! with L I F E  and P E O P L E everywehre in the centrum! it was very strange because i really had the impression to be in the civilisation again! i dunno why… but after 3 hours of rusch, i was quite tired and went to a bookshop to read a bit and after it was time to go home again.

and i also was so glad about my esquimo-jacket! yeah, no wind goes in!