after 2 more days in Helsinki, we had to come back to Sweden with Frida. We took the boat again to Stockholm but it was more quiet thant the first time. But i felt more sick because of the wawes, it´s crazy.

it´s the picture that they take when you come on board.

then in Stockholm, I wanted to take the train, It was really shorter but it was no more free places…. so I had to take the bus and it was a 10-hours trip for the return, quite long and I was happy to arrive. Something funny: at the beginning, a 10-years old girl was sitting next to me and she absolutely wanted to speak and it was funny. I was but a litlle bit tired and wanted to
sleep, but she wanted to have company, so we spoke together in swedisch till she arrived at her destination. I couldn´t sleep too much in the trip but I remembered the last week and it made me happy.

some trees on the road