Moi ce que j´aime chez Gabriella,

c´est que l´on peut s´y mettre à 2420

Elle est toujours d´accord

Pour battre des records.

Elmer Food Beat

ah, Viking Line and his Viking Clubber! :D we made a night-trip between Stockholm and Helsinki (see Karta) and I discovered the joy of the tax free shop. It was a good Idea to take the boat, the new year fest became cheaper.

We met a lot of crazy people this night on the boat and it was difficult to go, not because of the alkohol, but because of the waves and dance was also quite difficult but yeah, it was great. We didn´t sleep to much and cam to Helsinki tired but happy.

All the saturday, I had the impression I was drunked because I felt so wavy, bleh, not so good, like a bad hangover.