i didn´t write a lot the last times but it was to take energy bevor to write right now about my wunderfull WE in Helsinki. I went there to meet the nice Elina [NDLA: we met in Darmstadt, wenn we were 2 litle erasmus].
My trip begann with bicycle at 5h30 in the morning saturday. I had to reach the station, it was difficult, becaus too early! than train to Copenhague and there, I saw out maybe a litlle bit confused but i wanted to go to the check-in, i just needed time to think a litle. A “help-man” came to me and asked me what was wrong. i thought “ah, cool, then i will ask him and then, all it´s allright!”. he explained me how to do it with the automat. i tried but failed because i don´t know what. but i thought “ah, i can ask him again, he was so friendly!” but actually, he was so bleh, that i made my staff alone! bah! and then flight. I couldn´t believe that we would land in Helsinki, there were just forests and trees… so nice but is that a place for a plane? the pilot found the way and it was nice to see Elina. also to learn that i made the trip with Jarkko  Nieminen, that i didn´t recognize (and of course, i didn´t konw him before!).

We made a city-trip in Helsinki on saturday. it was really sunny and windy too. i was glad to have all my warms things with me! we went on the suomenlinao island, it was very very pretty. there is one thing i find very cool in Helsinki, that´s you can meet at every corner of the street one of the presidents of Finnland. there are overall statue. maybe it´s because they just had 11 presidents…
like every good saturday night, i was ill and had fiever. (ah ah, i ate a clown today) and i have to say, that this disco was really surprising. i hadn´t heard this kind of muzil a very long time ago and it was very funny to observ people and doing whatever there :)

sunday, i first anjoyed my hour more to sleep and after a finnisch breakfast, we went to the swimmingpool but Hallo, we had to swimm nacked in it. it was at the beginning painfull but i really likes this afternoon, a good mix between sauna and pool. so relaxing! aaaaaaah! then we went to make a “fika” in a cafe and it was also very funny because of 3 typs, who hadn´t any idea about our languageskills :) and then film (finnish-swedish), very good, i just sleeped 10 minutes and then cool and relax at Elina´s home. i had to live today at 5h15 from the place to take my flight. i was quite tired but i had time to sleep in the plane. then, copenhaguen, train, lund, bicycle, home. i received a mail that said to me i had to go to swedish cours right now. i went but it was quite boring, i don´t know why. mal sehen wie es sich entwickelt.
it was a really good WE in the cold north and i really enjoyed all the things we made, all the speeches also, very good, even if i´m dead now.
when is the next???


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  1. Pfff tu geres en anglais comme une folle!!!
    en tous cas ca a l air bien sympa la finlande…je regarde tes autres articles dans la semaine pour me faire une idee de la suede…
    bonne continuation!!!


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