gla gla

Hi everybody!

I´m still alive! yeah! but i don´t know for how many times! :D ok, i was not very duktig to write on here, but it was a very ordinary life here, very peaceful. What did i do remarquable the last times? ah yes, i built a eiffel tower with klapa (pieces of wood, you know), i receved my inscriptionspaper for the Toefl ( now i´ve paid, i really have to learn correct english, beurk!) and this official paper was posted from Jamaica… hum hum! I also returned to Malmö with a friend but… my camara staid on my desk. But you have to understand: as we came back, it was very cold (teeth which made clac clac cla…). OK, it was after a visit to bar and all but the camara was right! i passed very beautiful pictures but i will go there again!

In 2 weeks, a trip to Finland is planed. ok will be short, but when it´s short, it´s intense. I hope my camera will come with and i will tell us how cold but hot it was! ;)