European Goldfinch

I promised myself I would give me more time to be creative. So, yesterday, we went to the library and I borrowed some inspiration and today, I did play with Inkscape to draw this european goldfinch. What do you think?


In winter, I like to knitt in front of the TV, it makes me feel like I spend my time more usefully when I do something with my hands.

My latest project was to knit a sweater for me. I made one this summer, but even if I followed all the instructions for the size, it did not fit me -at least the Me who doesn’t want to show the belly in winter. So I gave this one to my little sister and went to buy some new wool.

This one is one piece of knitting, meaning no sewing between different parts and it was the first time I tried and I loved it! You can try your work while knitting it and it allows you to change the size and everything so the sweater will fit you! Great! I used a circular needle and then socks needls for the arms.

It took me two months to knit, pretty quick to be me but we watched TV a lot this fall.

I like pretty much the pattern of islandic pullover, so I will try to make one, based on the same model than the one I just did but with variation in the colors. I’ll keep you posted!

Let’s learn and create

This wa sa strange day today. Z is sick since yesterday evening, meaning a bad night for everyone. I woke up pretty “translated” this morning and much more tired than every day this vacation. Bad karma when work begins again on monday…

Yesterday, I finished to knitt a pullover for me and it was the first time I made this kind, I’ll tell in another post later. Anyway, I don’t have any knitting project for the moment, and I feel pretty bored while watching TV then. I like to make something with my hands when I watch something. So I decided to sort things out in my little hobby place. And then, magic happened! I cleaned my desk!

So now, no excuses anymore, I’ve got a proper place to learn and create. I’ve got some goals for spring, related to work but which will need some attention from me on the evenings and I want to write, draw, design and of course have this blog a little bit more updated. So now, I’m ready! 2019 can only be full of inspiration and new thoughts!

Create your own wings

Z has a Halloween party at school on Wednesday so I needed to think if something for her to wear. I created these bird suit, only from rests of fabric I had at home and it fits her exactly.

I’m not sure she understands this mascarade thing but she may be able to play with her wings later.

New webzine for sweing addicts!

I have to tell you a great news: a new webzine is out! It’s all about sewing for you, who want to get your creativity get a place in your life at home.

You find it here:

The articles are full of humour, good links and tricks. It doesn’t hurt either that the visual is wonderfull: great pictures, a candy for the eyes!

So, off to your internet and get inspired!


Credit picture: screen shot from