Dark, the Affair and the Crown

In these vacations days, we decided to subscribe again to Netflix (we cut it down last fall to save some money and time). We had now 3 series on the list and it was Dark S1, the Affair S3 and The Crown S2.

Dark was recommended by M’s brother and with the description and the trailer, I was not very fan of it. I thought that I would give it a try anyway (I’m a bit light scared, and story with disappearing kids is not my cup of tea nowadays). But after the first episode, I was captured! It was a very good serie and a good reason to subscribe to Netflix. We wathed it in two days.

The affair S3 was not that good than the 2 first seasons, which were very good (if I remember well, watched them a year ago, pregnant until the eyeballs). Too much of nothing going on, too much of predjudices about french people, no. It was not good enough to me.

The crown S2: we just began, so I may come back with more details.


picture borrowed to IMDB

When you want to reach the stars…

… And all you see is only grey clouds… 

I was travelling to Dalarna for the work this afternoon and this was good to have some time for reflexion in the train. I had a lots to think of at work. Life goes fast and when you work half week and are dedicated to your work, it’s important to keep in mind the proce of the days at home with your baby. I really like the repartition we have with M but it’s easy done for me to fall into work thoughts the part of the week I’m not supposed to work.

But it happens as well that I think of Z while working. For example,  I saw a mum with a three-four months old baby waiting for the train. I thought of my little girl, who just learnt how to bubble with her mouth.

And for those who wonder, no, the grass is not green in Sweden yet. It’s only half in may, so be patient. Scarf, gloves and head protection are still welcome. 

Tjockare än vatten

In these time of waiting, one of my favorite activities is to watch series. M and I already went through HBO and Netflix together, so the challenge for me is to find new series that M wouldn’t like to watch but which are good enough for me to spend days in front of. 

I watched “the affair” last week and it was actually very good! In the beginning,  I thought it was much more feelings and relationships but it grew really interesting after some episodes. Give it a try!

I tried “Gilmore girls” but nothing for me at all. 

Then I went to svtplay, the Swedish TV website. I tried “skam” but again, not for me at all. 

I began yesterday to watch “tjockare än vatten” and after 6 episodes,  I can tell you that I won’t do amything else than watching it until seasons one and two are watched. I like how it’s filmed, the colors. Well, my waiting days are saved!

Tomorrow,  the day before Xmas. My plan is to convince M to play scrabble in French (we don’t have the Swedish letters). No snow here anyway and no Xmas tree either, but it will be an all fine celebration anyway.

For now, the app says “pregnancy completed”, but so is not my watching of “tjockare än vatten”,  so no baby today!

The baby of Bridget Jones, seen by a 9 month pregnant woman

I warn you: this post contains spoilers about the film, so don’t read if you are interested of keeping the mystery intact until you see the movie!

The other day, I found again two tickets for the cinema,  that I was looking for the other weekend,  when we wanted to watch a movie we both were interested in. I didn’t find the tickets for this occasion,  so we renounced and staid at home. But this week: victory! The tickets reappeared. Since they may not be so many weekends left until the baby comes, we thought it was better to go to the movie now,  even if the choice was not very extended. A lots of Xmas-things, scary movies and The baby of Bridget Jones. M is not a fan of comedy and I found the others Bridget Jones pathetic,  so you see the odds.

I gave the film a 6 of 10 points, which is much better than the 3 I had ready in my pocket after watching the trailer. Quick for the story: Bridget sleeps with two guys in a short period of time and gets pregnant and she doesn’t know who is the father. The film is the story of her pregnancy until the baby is born.

But now to the points: was it realistic, based on pregnant facts?

  • How she discover that she is pregnant? She is getting “fat” and a colleague suggests she may take a pregnancy test. Credibility: 2/10. Before to feel fat, you first discover that you don’t have your period, unless you take these mini-pills as contraceptive method. The mini-pills often make that you don’t bleed anymore when it should be the time of your period. (For the record for those who are not familiar with women contraception: if you take P-pill and bleed at regular intervals,  it’s not real period but fake ones since the ovulation is stopped by the pill). Back on the mini-pill: if she gets pregnant by two tries, separated with 5 days while being under contraception,  it’s really bad luck. Plus the fact that she is 43 years old. So no more than 2 for this point.
  • She throws up in a garbage at work within the first 12 weeks. Credibility : 8/10. The only thing that stops me to give a ten is that not all women feel sick during the pregnancy but a lot does. I felt sick the first three months, but never threw up (it felt though like I would every 3 seconds)
  • The growing of Bridgets belly: credibility : 9/10. Even if the movie is not showing every month, it seemed pretty relevant.
  • The first ecography: credibility 4/10. If I remember well, she makes it before the first 12 weeks and I think it’s too earl to see the baby as a “real” baby yet. If I’m not too wrong, it looks more like a big head than a baby at this point. Then the doctor declares the baby healthy pretty quickly  but it may be that Bridget was much longer in the room than what we see 
  • Her pregnant brain at work: credibility: 10/10. I’m still waiting for my mistakes from the past 9 months to be released. I missed some tears though and some rage moments as weel. British women are maybe more civilized than French ones when they are under hormonal doping?
  • Her runs everywhere while 9 months pregnant : credibility : 1/10. I had a very nice pregnancy and did sport twice or three times a week until the end of November but I can tell that now, movements are done after a big and hard negotiation with myself. I can walk 10-15 minutes but I have to stop often and strech. No way I would run as she does as the end of the pregnancy. 
  • When her water broke: credibility : 0/10. Her jeans are not even wet!
  • The transfer to the hospital : credibility 1/10. It’s not the fact that they carry her to the hospital that makes me give a bad grade. It’s more how they carry her. In my case, it has been weeks since I was able to bend myself and even put my shoes or my socks on has been kind of tricky, so I cannot imagine that she could be carried like that. Well, part of the comedy I guess.
  • The brown line on her belly : credibility : 10/10. It occured to me that they may have employ a stunt for the close belly scenes. Her brown line is very realistic anyway.
  • The giving birth part: I’ll tell you when it has happened to me.

Well,  it was a pleasant movie anyway,  even M laughed, so if you have money over, go and see it.

Signed: this nine months pregnant woman.

November the 6th

This is a special date to me, date when my horse came into our familly, now a loooong time ago. Well. No horse riding today, but rest and rest. Life as pregnant is good, but I get tired very easily and I am deeply in love with my bed.

Today, I tried to be a little creative though and continued to draw invertebrates in my illustrations project.  I made a dragonfly.

We began to watch “the crown” as well (new serie from Netflix about the queen of England.). I am not sure we will stick to it, I get anoid by the rigidity of a lots of characters/people. We give it some more episodes.

But for now, at almost 9 oclock in the evening, it is high time for us to go to bed. A long week of 5 days is waiting for us!



This weekend was in the name of friendship. I met my best friend in Oslo between Friday and today Sunday.

Oslo is a nice city if you want calm and things to see. There is almost no noices in the city and you can walk everywhere. 

We went to thr national museum, to the opera to see a dance part, we saw pretty much the whole town (Vigeland will have to show his statues next time). 

We only had some difficulties to find somewhere to eat, but we managed at the end. No one of us gets home hungry.

I also feel like it was the last weekend before the baby arrives when I will travel, I felt pretty heavy. I’m right now waiting for my train back home, longing to kiss my husband good night, late tonight (arrival scheduled at 23). I habe Monte Cristo in the ears, so enough to manage the long travel back home.

Thanks P for this nice weekend in your company! You’re great!

Creative sunday!

I woke up way to early for a sunday but couldn’t fall asleep again. So I went up, ate breakfast at the candle lights and began to “work”. Last week, I decided to sew a band around our carpet in the living room, since our hooverrobot likes to eat the fringes. But what for a good/bad idea: good, because it makes the carpet all clean and protected from the robot but bad because it killed my hands and back and neck and took so much time! But I finished this work today, taking rests and making something else in between.

The something else in between is mostly my illustration project. I’m now done with the poster of asian animals. I’ve done 4 new animals today, which, togheter with the others 5, completed a poster. For each animal, I was also curious and watched some videos on youtube. If you have some time to spend on youtube, I recommend you to watch how kanguroos give birth and how the baby climbes to his/her mother wounds. It’s pretty impressive. Another anmal to check is of course the platypus. I knew quite a lot about this animal, but far from everything. Check it out!

Here is my art from today:



This is week 30 here, in our travel to have a bigger family. It means that 75% of the loading is done. In 10 weeks,  we will have to take care of a little person. 

This little person is right now moving like a fish in my stomach,  pushing all the things that were here before him/her in some strange places. Heartburn, hello! The nights are OK but I need to think when I lay down,  in order to have a good position that will last at least half of the night. And in the morning,  even if it’s Saturday,  I wake up around 6 and need to eat breakfast. Which I’ve done while M is sleeping deeply. 

Two weeks as married woman,  I never felt so lucky to share my life with my husband.  Still unusual to call M eith these words, but nice!

We have a mission this weekend: after exactly one year in our flat in Uppsala,  we will register to the library. I know the date when I’ll stop to work so I plan to read! Yeah!

I also finish the illustrations of African animals and I even received a printed poster (illustrations made by me). I am happy with the result so I’ll print others!

Ok, I’ll try to sleep a little more for now. Have a good weekend! 


Every year I spent in Sweden,  I feel blue during the automn. This is may be a little special with the hormon overdose that my body is producing but it doesn’t help me to make is less blue. I had a pretty awful week (in my point of view,everything is to put in the right reference) and I felt like I just want be home alone witj my man and my belly. People around come with advices and again: I could ask if I wanted some.

This morning,  I took myself out in the sun. I was alone downtown with retired people and I saw two mandarin ducks sleeping close to the river. I also bought some material to fix our carpet in the living room: we have a hoover robot that loves to eat the carpet’s sides and these need to be fix.

And yesterday,  when I came back home, it rang at the door. It was flowers. They now “sitting” in one window and every time I look at them, I feel happier. In one hour,  I’ve been married for one week to my wonderful husband and this thought gives me strength.