Demain, j’arrête

Did I say that I force myself to read more? Well, I do. Just because it gives me more than the same time playing with my phone.

My latest reading was “demain, j’arrête”, book I got from a good friend. It was a funny book, and themost interesting was that it felt as if it was my friend who wrote it. I recommend it for the ones who need some smiles.

Sell by Fredrik Eklund

I bought this book one day I had some dead time before a train I had to catch. The idea was to have something easy to read in order to kill the waiting. After having read all of the book now, I wonder when I’ll plan time to read it a second time.

This is easy written, no big litteratur there, but full of insights, tips and stories about how to have the life you dream on. You can use it fir your private life, at work and so on. I grew while reading it.

Petit pays, Gaël Faye

Second book of the vacations and it didn’t last long. I needed two evenings to be done with it and it showed the side of the genocide in Rwanda, seen from the eyes of a boy. Very much poetry for a hard story.

L’affaire Harry Quebert

Second book of this summer, in French this time. The story was very unpredictable and I liked this. I can easily be bored with books which story is too easy to figure out and these 800 pages were exciting to read. The story reminded me of the serie “the affair”  somehow but with a murder twist.

Well, I recommend it.

Det är något som inte stämmer 

This is the last book I listened to and iy wa surprisingly good. Well, to be honest,  I had no big ideas about it before the reading and even if it was a book about end of relationship,  I got scared as with a good murder story. 

The book is read by the author herself and I have to say that the audio book may be much better than the papper form. She was a good narrative. 

I maktens öga – Per Schlingmann 

This is the last book I read, from 2017. It’s very accurate this week with the week of Almedalen which just began. The story reminds me of a nice House of cards bathing in prejudice from life in Stockholm.  Even Blondinbella is in the book. 

It was an ok book, specially interesting when you know that the author was Reinfeldt’s PR man. Somehow,  when I was comparing with my own professional life, I thought that it was even too nice in the book sometimes. Maybe time for me toget some vacations…

23 days

Z is 23 days old. My brother in law is turning 30 years old today. I feel 34 years old and I can guess that M feels 10000 years old. 

Why do I feel my normal age? Easy peasy! Because I slept from 21:30 to 5:00 last night. And the night before as well. M took the 2 o’clock meals with Z and let me have sooo much hours of sleep in a row. Thank you my dear husband! 

Why do I guess that M is feeling so old? Yeah, same answer than above plus that he works during the week. Oh, don’t missunderstand me: it is kind of a work as well to be at home with a newborn,  but I don’t need to commute in train or to be on time for appointments and so. 

Z must feel that weekends are special. She uses to sleep some hours in the morning but she did not do it today and instead slept some hours, ate a little,  cried, and all this in repeat. She is sleeping right now, and I hope she will sleep a good hour more and then wake up hungry. It’s not easy to find rutines…

For now, a review from a Swedish book. Because yeah, I’ve been reading a book (almost done!). Det är inte du, det är dom. From the authors of the blog hormon och hemorrojder. A big thank you H for this gift, this was one of the best consolation I could get during these first difficult weeks with our newborn. Away the picture of a pink babylife,  with love and romantic everywhere. The descriptions were so much closer to our reality than what everyone described (for example “cosy to breastfeed” meaning for me cosy to go around all day half naked with a hungry baby and bleeding breasts , “enjoy the baby time” meaning for me enjoy not being enough for your kid, “sleep as soon as your baby sleeps” meaning for me no eating, no shower or no poop). I understand that other parents don’t want to scare new ones with the real reality, but personally,  I would have liked being a little prepared for these chocks. Everyone talk about their pregnancy and delivery, even if you don’t want to know, but no one talks about the baby time. I mean, in both situations,  you’ll have to deal with it as a parent, so why making it so taboo? This book would have helped me if I’ve had it before the birth of Z. A reflection though: I think that I understand it better now, when I’ve experienced some part of hell. Well, good book, that I’ll finish right after this post is published! 

Shopping stop

Saturday afternoon on earth and a pretty slow day for us. We slept 12 hours non stoo both of us, so it is nice to to stress anywhere.  We would have gone to the cinema if I’d had a clue where our two free tickets are. I didn’t find them, so we changed our plan and enjoy a calm day at home.

I read a book called “shopstop” which makes me reflect a lot. The author decided not to buy anything more than food, transport and culture under one year. Between her story of how this project is going on, she interviews different kind of people (an economist,  a priest, the finance minister, a mide journalist etc) and they give the professional point of view about the experiment and consumption in general. 

It makes me think a lot, specially now, when we are preparing the arrival of the baby. And also now, when Christmas is coming as well as a lots of birthdays in our families. What to buy to adults who already have everything? M and I don’t wish anything. We already think that we have too much in our apartment and really don’t need more.

I think I will write some posts about my own consumption as future mother (mostly clothes due to the growing belly) and about what we bought, and really needed for the baby after half a year or so.

Things must have a clear purpose in my home. I don’t measure the importance of a relationship with someone with the amount of things I’ve got from this person. To me, “forced” gifts (the ones you neither needed nor asked for) are a chain to a dependency feeling, which makes the relationship rotten.

Another quick sewing project

This weekend,  we turned back our clocks with one hour to land on winter time. to me , it meant that I got up at 7 new time to eat breakfast a Sunday.  M did the same and 13 hours later, I can tell that many things have been done in the house.

I sewed some sheets for the baby’s bed this summer and today I finally found the motivation to sew two covers from another that does not fit any bed at home anymore.

It took me about 2 hours including putting the things in the right place after the job (it often is the most difficult part…) and according to Ikea, it saved us 300 Swedish crowns. not a fortune but a thing less we have at home that is useless and these sheets are more comfortable than new ones.

I borrowed a book yesterday at the library called “shopstop” and it is precisely about consumption. I’m already against shopping by princip but with a baby (and new needs) coming,  I find it hard to find the right balance between reusing and buying new. we don’t even know what we really will need. 

I have to stop myself a little tjoug with my own things. when I see my closet,  I think “oh, so much things!” and want to give 70% to charity. at the same time, I forget that these 70% of my clothes cannot be worn right now but will be very useful after that the baby is born… 

Ok  enough for tonight, I’ll read and sleep probably within 30 min. good night!