We spent some days in Munich, visiting a friend. We were not much of tourists but to enjoy Spielplatz und Biergarten, we were good.Life in Germany is something I’m almost longing to. Well, not yet, Z have to be older (the possibility to get work and life balance with small children is better in Sweden) but I like the way you can live on the country side but close to a big city somehow.To move to another country now would be a big step for us, we are way too comfortable with our life in Sweden but I’d like to enjoy shorter winter and more mountains (south Germany in this case) and simplicity in big cities.Let’s see what life will offer us!

Find the jaguar in your orchid

We have few flowers at home. At least, we have some plants which resist some weeks without water. And we have an orchid. We got it as a gift some years ago and it was full with flowers but then, nothing. I mean, I’m not too interested of them, so I let it survive in a window and wait.

But this lovely got now 5 flowers. Last instinct to send sos to the world maybe?

I took my camera and did some photos and I discovered that there is a little jaguar in every flower. Maybe it’s a good metaphor for life? You have to be kind and lovely on the outside but keep your power inside, ready to go out?

PMS monster

It’s getting very obvious. I’m changed since I gave birth to my daughter. In many good ways, but there is one I can’t control. The PMS monster living in me is waking up once a month and taking over my whole personality. I get both very angry and very sad in the same day, observing myself from the outside and not understanding what’s happening. I loose totally control over myself and become an awful people to get around.

This is so strong and something I can’t handle. These PMS days, I would like to be at home and meet no one but at the same time, I need loving people around me, comforting me.

I hate this state because I’m not feeling myself. I use to wake up, not understanding why I’m already upset, while it happened nothing at all. I cannot work normally because I can’t get off this state of mind and I get very unpleasant as soon as I got some contradictions to deal with (which happens all the time). I feel like a bad colleague. At home, I get angry, impatient and no one knows how to get around with me. I feel like a very bad wife and mother.

On the outside, I’m like before, but on the inside, the monster is eating me up once a month.

If you ask me, the world will be gender neutral when women with hormones and cycles perturbations will be able to just do what the f*** they want during these aweful times without giving any explanation.

Woods and sun

It is a day of elections in Sweden today. We voted early this morning and after Z’s siesta this afternoon, we went outside to walk in the woods. It felt like automn but the sun was warm and we came back hom all tired but relaxed. A new week begins tomorrow and I have an idea of publishing some tips (but who am I?) to make life as small children parents easier. Let’s see if I myself find the time!

180909_IMG_3188 - kopia.jpg

2 weeks done and 1 week left

We just finished our second week of holiday and I see the difference deeply in my body: I am much more less tired now!

We visited family and friends, discovered the Baltic sea, Öland and Kalmar, had good times and so on. We pricked everything except the reading: I took 2 books with me but read only 20 pages from one of them. Ah, no big deal, there will be other moments…

Z discovered the Baltic sea a day when it was all grey. It was almost impossible to see the difference between the horizon and the sea and there were no waves at all.


The same day, we got to witness a beautiful sunset from Öland. Not a classical one with a beach in the foreground, but one with a field of gold. It’s been very warm in Sweden the past months (!!) and the grass is not as green as usual. For us, who did not have the finances to go to France this summer, this was very welcome. I even have sun marks on my feet! However, the swedish people are more concerned. It’s not common here to hear that watering a garden is forbidden, or to hear that one must save water. Water is usually a unlimited resource in Sweden. But not this year. And not forever.


A morning in may

The sun has been shining in Sweden for weeks (2?) now and I’m living again! The sun is up earlier and earlier every morning so I feel a big relief somehow. Ok, still tired by too little sleep and too much work, but fine.

This weekend, we have changed to position of the furniture on our balcony. It was a must, because of a little girl climbing everywhere and it would have been bad for her to be too curious about what’s outside the balcony from the fifth floor. Before, we had the couch in the most sunny part of the balcony but it was also windy . Now, we can sit in a little protected corner and enjoy the evenings on the balcony without freezing. Much better!

Today, I’m travelling to Stockholm for a meeting and the train was living around 8. Ridiculous to go to work for 45 min before and impossible to staying bed when you know that our little girl, who is going to preschool, doesn’t like to get dressed and make it loud. So I decided yesterday evening to make something I haven’t done in ages: to go out for a morning run. I looked which paths I could take (used the random function from the Garmin app) for a 5km and when the alarm rang this morning, I did not think, I just put on my clothes and went outside. It was already warm, so I was sweating like a pig but it was very enjoyable to begin the day like that. Not easy though but fine afterwards.

Have a nice day everyone!


Life is intense here in Uppsala. We work, go to preschool for the little girl and try to enjoy that spring finally came to Sweden. There are a lots of not working days in Sweden right now and it’s very welcome. It happens a lots everywhere and in between, our little girl got sick several times. Nothing very serious but every time, it hurts my heart as mum to see her feeling bad.

I found it hard to survive the winter this year. We worked more all of a sudden (which was very welcome for our finances) but we had to be less part of Z evolution. She is a the preschool since February and enjoys it. She is learning how to socialize, how to draw, how to eat with proper cuttlery (!!!), how to prepare herself without négociations in the mornings (in progress…), how to say yes, no, auga (yogurt), ma (cat), mamma, Pappa (favorite word right now) and it’s happening new things every day.

When she was 4-6 months, like one year ago, I thought it happened a lot, but now, it’s rocket velocity!

A good thing with spring is that we don’t need to fight as much with transportation to and from preschool. We went from snow and shit to sun and rain sometimes. It’s much more easy to pull her limousine behind our bike and now, I can bike uphill without go any step (meaning strong mamma). Good for my body as well.

For now, it’s time to sleep. I need more discipline for my bed time. Hard when it’s still so light outside. Good night!

The art of hearing heartbeat

Is the last novel I read. Very poetic , but somehow, when I read romances , I get bored.

For the rest, no time to get bored here in Uppsala. Z did finish her second week at the preschool and it went well. The weeks are long for her too and I’m happy we made the decision to have her at home on Wednesday. She seems to enjoy the new environment but she is not so happy with the sun in the face on our way to the preschool . She is a kid from the winter and doesn’t understand the point of this warming astral thing. At the same time, I ised to het prepared for the big uphill coming. We have this hill on our way to school which makes it really sweaty to go there. Not even an idea to try to bicycle up, we walk. And sweat. And the gears from my bike are frozen (luckily in the middle gear), so this 10 km of cycling everyday is sport to me. Long time ago I did one hour of sport four times a week… Well, I emphasise a little: M will drive jer to the preschool one week every two weeks, so I’ll have that much sport only twice a month. Well.

For those who wonder, a car was not an option,  both because we can’t afford it (parking , insurance, buying etc) when you think of it and because it wouldn’t save much time.

Well, time to sleep now. Have a good week!



Yesterday, it was filmtime for me and two mammafriends. Strange to meet without our girls but we had a good time watching Solsidan, a film from a Swedish tv-serie.

My expectations were to laugh and I did! It was a funny and sometimes sentimental caricature of some parts of the Swedish society.

Worth to go to tge cinema for it. It was even funny to hear people laugh in the room.


Picture borrowed here


Högt spel – Gösta Unefäldt

Last reading from the library. It was a tip from the library people, but I am not really sure why it was so. That’s a bit incomplete btw at the library they tip about a lots of books, but you don’t know why just these books are enlighten. I would like to have a reason, or a theme, or at least a little explanation/word which would hint.

Anyway, “högt spel” was a criminal novel, taking place in west Sweden. Everything was just so predictable that I got tired of it pretty but I read it until the end. Why? Because there were some strange words in it, a mix of norwegian and swedish somehow. I learn some new vocabulary.