Time to bath

I took a run today and noticed that the boat season is on. People were putting their boats in the water after a long winter.

My dear father, who recently retired, did begin a Ling walk through France today. He did not have luck with the weather of the first day but I admire his ambitions. Maybe sometimes I will make something similar.


Week-end almost done

It was almost winter here in Sweden thus weekend. We got snow both yesterday and today and it did not motivate us to go outside.

We watched movies and I attended to read. As always nowadays, I fall asleep after two lines. Boring when I truly would like to know what us happening.

Oh and this morning, I was to the gym for 75 minutes of yoga. I did not know that I could wobble like that when I stand on my four. Well, this was challenging and nice for my old and unfit body.


When life begins again 

 first time ever, M and I are sitting on our balcony and not freezing and even enjoying the sun! The best part of it is that we come back from a run together. This is wonderful.

Another wonderful thing is to synchronize a week end with four sleeping mornings with the change to summer time. 

Ok, timw for some shower and then, I don’t promise but maybe I will sit here and read a book. I have kind of anxiety because breakdown books nowadays.


A week end with high speed

Again, the past week went by at the speed of an eagle. (?? is a n eagle so fast? Well, I didn’t find any better metaphor, sorry!).

We stick to our friday bubble tradition and it is a wonderful way to begin the week end. We made a lots of things yesterday (saturday) and among others, we went to the Upplandsmuseet. They have different kind of exhibitions and this time, it was about Astrid Lindgren (swedish author, a monument here, but I have to admit that I never read a book of her … yet…), about rings, about broderie, and about refugees. This last exhibition was strong for the mind, composed of both interviews and pictures. If you have your way around Uppsala, make a jump there. This is, according to me, incredibly important that no one forgets that these people that are forced to leave their contries, were people like you and me. This is very clear when you hear them talk about how their lifes was before.

Then, we made some lighter things and came back home, pretty happy to have discovered our new home town a little more. On the evening, I tried to escape a bad love movie on the 7th canal, but did not succeed. You want to know what was the worse part of it? I’ve already seen it…

But today, it is the day of love. M and I will celebrate it with a dinner in a restaurant and maybe some extra hugs, but I think that we are pretty good at showing each others that we love each others. I already wrote that last year, but I think that it is our receipe to make it work. There is already too much sh** in the world to have the need to find even more in our relationship. Don’t missudnerstand me: my relationship with M is my harbor of peace and serenity.

On the “training” level, I have been pretty bad at moving my ass recently. Too much work, no need/envy, bad. But now, when the trousers and pants say “oh no, no more we will explode!!” it is time to make something against it. And I was really happy to have taken me outside for a run today: the weather was fantastic, the snow so white and the flow so slow. Yo! With these rimes, I could easily call Jay-Z and ask him to sponsor my coming album… Or not!

A propos inspiration, I am thinking of writing some posts about it the coming days (should I say weeks in order not to promise to much?! No, I say days!). Keep in touch, you may be inspired as well!

Have a good day of love and make all the day of the year be the days of love!


Outside anyway

This was a wonderful day. The day is not finished, but the sun went to bed hours ago. It was very sunny, but very cold as well, around -17, -20 degrees. Brrr! M has a cold, but I wanted to go out, so I grabbed my camera and took a walk i our hoods.

I was not the only one actually, I met a lots of people walking, ice skating or even bicycling in the woods. Good that people don’t stop to live because of the low temperatures.

I’ve taken around 300 pictures, but I need to sort them and I want to do something else than sitting in the front of the computer a saturday afternoon, so you will see the results later. For now, enjoy your saturday evening!

2016_IMG_0758 - Kopia

Walk in the cold

yesterday, we woke up early for a Sunday. Our goal was to take the buss to go south and come back by feet home.

We packed warm tea and cookies in a bag, wore some warm clothes and put the hiking shoes on. Before 9, we went through the door and walked to the buss station. The weather was all grey and snowy.

When we arrived at the buss station, we read a paper saying the the buss was not going to the place we wanted to because of a building site. Well. Anti climax.

We got up so early and were so ready to walk that we decided to walk to Gamla Uppsala instead. We walked to the north, among other on Swedens biggest ecoduct and found this mark:

Anticlimax number two.

At this point, we were a bit frozen on the legs so we walked back home. During the way back, we even saw the sun and some funny birds eating some berries.

Then, we bathed a sauna and relaxed. This was good after the cold walk. We really appreciate to have a sauna in our building, this is very nice!

After that, we watched two films: one about North Korea, a documentary on Netflix. The other one was the Danish movie “after the wedding” which was very good and gave me some tears.

Then, it was time for bed. Another day without reading a real book (I read Charlie Hebdo though).

And now, I am smelling the smell of croissant. Time to get up!


It was sunday today and one big pleasure of this day of the week is to eat a good breakfast calmly at home. And since winter is coming, I think it is ok to buy oranges. And since 1+1 makes more than 2, you get it: we make hand pressed orange juice for the breakfast. It is delicious: a little bitter, precious – since you need two oranges to make a glass of juice- and tastes no chemical. I love it.

Today, it took a couple of hours for us to get out for our sunday run. We are having thoughts about the agencment of out furnitures at home, and maybe ideas of changing some we have to others, more appropriate. But as you may know, it costs money, so we wait.

For now, the picture of the oranges which became juice this morning:

2015_IMG_1125 - Kopia

Running in a new city

M and I were very active this sunday morning already. It is probably thanks to the change of hour, but at 8.30 this morning, we had already eaten breakfast. Good, then I felt like I had the whole day in front of me. And I had!

We waited a little bit for the sun to get up (he is not an early bird like us it seems) and we went out for a run in Uppsala, searching for forest and silence (the run from last sunday was balanced by the noices of the cars, not very “Nature like”). So this morning, we took the direction of Stadsskogen, which as its name says, is a forest in the city. From our home, it began with 2km upphil run and somehow, in the middle, I felt like I had to be silent, because M seemed not to be in a very good mood. I was all excited by this run: what is funnier than to discover a whole city and region and when above all, you can do it in the sun? 

When we arrived almost at the top of the hill, we met this view:

2015_IMG_1109 - Kopia

Uppsala is full of straight paths like this one. This is in this season wonderful, with all the trees making party before to go to sleep for the winter. It feels like we were celebrated by Miss nature, just because we were outside running. Very good for the soul.

and we found the forest we were looking for and it was looking like that:

2015_IMG_1110 - Kopia

Gold everywhere! So wonderful!

but for now, the food is in the owen and I hope it will be ready soon, because we just booked our places to see a part of the shortfilm festival. Sayonara!

Last time I cut the grass?

Sunday again but some weeks between this and the previous post I wrote. The weeks are running from us and soon, we will be old and realized that we missed our lifes. Well, not really  actually. 

We have been working a lot, the weather has been pretty rainy and we made fire every day in the fire place. This is a short summary of a normal day here. I less than two weeks, we will get the keys from our new apartment and everything is getting very quick now. We compared some banks and have to make good choices because it will define our economical situation for the years to come.

To get the keys will be a moment of joy, but then, there is a moving to make. We have a plan but this is it: I am very tired of moving. Plus that we have to combine this with intense weeks at work and M traveling to France (without me!!) next week end.

After that, we need to clean the house here, give back the keys; sell the car and so on. I guess I won’t post very often on here for a little whole, but soon my readers, soon I’ll be back with even more time and inspiration!

One happy thing that happened these past weeks: M has been running several times a week. We have now this occupation in common and even if he starts slowly and carefully, on the long term we will spend many hours running together. 

So, time for me to shower after the last cut of the grass here:



We worked the whole week and went to bed early. Our life is that exciting! We had the visit of M’s parents yesterday and we had a lovely day in their company. They even came with a chili plant: its fruits are evil, so strong! And with some prunes from their gardens. I made marmalade from them and it smelt lovely in the whole house. 

M and I drove to the woods and ran today. It is a pleasure to have company during the run and the 10 km of today were hot. But now, as if it was vacation, we are enjoying the back of the house, in the sun and feeling totally free. This is so nice! The sun uses to disappear behind the trees around 6 in the evening so we’d better enjoy the hours before!