New furniture

When the automm came, we decided to buy a piece of furniture. Well, two actually. We passed by Åhléns Downton and saw this velour clothed pieces for the feet (Not sure how it is called).

As the sister of M says, if you want your eyes to feel it “Right”, always get a friend for each of your interior design. So I bought two of them. And two pillows.

You’ll find it at Åhléns for 399 kr (not sponsored).


I went through the flat today and sorted out some books, some shoes, some furni and i found 25 things, which perfectly work, but that will be given yo charity. Somehow, it feels really good. I even freed sahara sand into the sand box in our garden. I took it from one of my trip in Marocco years ago and had it with a candel in it. We never lighted this candel, so time to set the sand free.

I need to make a round in our storage to find even more things.


Some months ago, I read a book about shopping stop. I also read one about how to tight up your belongings. And recently,  we watched this documentary about minimalism. I’m not a pervers in this area, but I think since a couple of years that we have too much things at home. And that we don’t use everything at all. We always use the same things. This is also very obvious with a baby at home: we got a lots of gifts, I bought some things on eBay and she is growing pretty quickly. We have few closets at home,  so we have to filter what will stay at home for yhe memory or eventually for a little brother or sister and what have to find another place to be useful. 

I have sold many of Z’s stuff on eBay but I thought that I had to live according to my principles as well. So I took a big look into my closet,  storted out what I use and what I never use and put things on eBay.  It works! I’ll not get rich on this but at least, I feel like I have at home things I use and like and others have a better home. 

I feel more responsible too. Since it’s kind of a job to sell things, I don’t want to buy new ones if I don’t need them. This makes my head clearer.


On this last day of 2016, there is no time for summary of the year or getting ready for a big new year celebration or so. Today, I sewed. 

We got a stroller from friends for the baby (I still wonder when he/she will go out, 8 days after due date…). Unfortunately,  a cover was missing but there is never a “problem”  that cannot be solved!

From this (an old jeans of M):

I made this:

A reversible cover, with one side in jeans and the other side in rests of fabric I had at home. It took me about 4 hours and one detail must be improved but I’m pretty happy with the result. 

Now, time for some more episode of “la trêve” (serie on Netflix we began to watch yesterday). And maybe a nap.  The probability that I’ll be awake when 2017 comes in is pretty liw. But I count on you, readers, to celebrate! 

November the 6th

This is a special date to me, date when my horse came into our familly, now a loooong time ago. Well. No horse riding today, but rest and rest. Life as pregnant is good, but I get tired very easily and I am deeply in love with my bed.

Today, I tried to be a little creative though and continued to draw invertebrates in my illustrations project.  I made a dragonfly.

We began to watch “the crown” as well (new serie from Netflix about the queen of England.). I am not sure we will stick to it, I get anoid by the rigidity of a lots of characters/people. We give it some more episodes.

But for now, at almost 9 oclock in the evening, it is high time for us to go to bed. A long week of 5 days is waiting for us!


Another quick sewing project

This weekend,  we turned back our clocks with one hour to land on winter time. to me , it meant that I got up at 7 new time to eat breakfast a Sunday.  M did the same and 13 hours later, I can tell that many things have been done in the house.

I sewed some sheets for the baby’s bed this summer and today I finally found the motivation to sew two covers from another that does not fit any bed at home anymore.

It took me about 2 hours including putting the things in the right place after the job (it often is the most difficult part…) and according to Ikea, it saved us 300 Swedish crowns. not a fortune but a thing less we have at home that is useless and these sheets are more comfortable than new ones.

I borrowed a book yesterday at the library called “shopstop” and it is precisely about consumption. I’m already against shopping by princip but with a baby (and new needs) coming,  I find it hard to find the right balance between reusing and buying new. we don’t even know what we really will need. 

I have to stop myself a little tjoug with my own things. when I see my closet,  I think “oh, so much things!” and want to give 70% to charity. at the same time, I forget that these 70% of my clothes cannot be worn right now but will be very useful after that the baby is born… 

Ok  enough for tonight, I’ll read and sleep probably within 30 min. good night!

The knitting and sewing project of the week

I bought some wool last week and sticked a blanket.

This morning, I sew fabric on one side of it to make the whole package cosier.

I began with measuring the blanket (I sticked until I did not have any whool left) and then I cut a piece of fabric larger with 4 cm on each side. I ironed the sides. 

And then I sewed them together. The hardest part was to maintain the blanket in the right place in the fabric but the sewing itself was no problem. 

Now let’s see if it will be useful . I am wondering if I will sew otjer things but I am skeptical about the real needs and I don’t want to have too much useless things at home. it’s anyway enough for today. it’s raining as hell outside and i wonder if I will put myself in bed again and enjoy a film or something. 

Week 32 and two months to due date. now  I feel heavier. my belly is in my way and the baby inside stretches sometimes out from its space,  like in my lungs and that’s not very enjoyable.  on another hand  it proves that the baby is alive, and that’s good.

Oh I see now all my sewing things on the kitchen table and think “who will put them in the right place now…” me of course. .  

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Creative sunday!

I woke up way to early for a sunday but couldn’t fall asleep again. So I went up, ate breakfast at the candle lights and began to “work”. Last week, I decided to sew a band around our carpet in the living room, since our hooverrobot likes to eat the fringes. But what for a good/bad idea: good, because it makes the carpet all clean and protected from the robot but bad because it killed my hands and back and neck and took so much time! But I finished this work today, taking rests and making something else in between.

The something else in between is mostly my illustration project. I’m now done with the poster of asian animals. I’ve done 4 new animals today, which, togheter with the others 5, completed a poster. For each animal, I was also curious and watched some videos on youtube. If you have some time to spend on youtube, I recommend you to watch how kanguroos give birth and how the baby climbes to his/her mother wounds. It’s pretty impressive. Another anmal to check is of course the platypus. I knew quite a lot about this animal, but far from everything. Check it out!

Here is my art from today:


One more week…

Time flies, it is even hard for me to know which day we are. We were at a wedding in Gothenburg last week end, so it felt like we did not had any rest. But it was very nice and we met a lots of friends and even family. All our best wishes U&H!

This week had been pretty intense at work and the coming weeks do look the same. I never feel alone anymore, with someone kicking when I am getting too stressed or too slow. This is a very uncommun feeling, but somehow, I get use to it. We are getting on the other side of the limit “eclipse of the toes” soon. Luckily, I feel pretty good, even if I was tired this week end. I think that I pay back last week end.

I made some more illustrations today: a hedgehoge, a mouse, a horse and I hade few adjustments to get a donkey and a zebra. I think that I will make posters of them, because I always come to new animals I could illustrate and it would be too many posters if every animal would be alone. Somehow, I will make some family of them. Maybe a little book. Maybe a game of memory. Maybe postcards. You name it: the only limit is my creativity!


A magical fish

This is a rainy Sunday and this is very cosy: we can watch the second seadon of the leftovers in peace.

Yesterday, i finished my “fish project”, an idea I got in a store in France but that was way too expensive and too easy to make myself. So at home, I watched what fabric I had and decided to do this now, even if it will take a lots of months before it is used in its normal purpose. My sewing room disappeared with the new inhabitant to come so when I sew nowadays,  it’s all over the place in our living room. Which is nice five minutes,  not more.

To the point: the magic fish! 

I took a wool blanket we had, and designed a fish.

I duplicated the fish in a piece of lin fabric we had.

And i sewed the little parts, like this example: 

Then, I choosed a good form for the fish scales and found different fabric at home, in the colors we want the baby’s room to have and I sewed them, trying to make them interesting for a little human to discover. I placed them on the fish body to see how everything would suit.

Then, i sewed the eye, and then every piece. 

I sewed some anti slide things on the inferior part of the fish, to make it safer on the floor and sewed the two paets of the fish together.  I finished with a zipper at the end of the fish tail.

And i put the blanket in it and voilà!